Monday, September 29, 2008

我就是這樣- 劉力揚,TANK

The recent period was of somber news all over. 2 news of departure from the world, 2 break-ups,2 sending off from the airports. Time flies. 1 short moment, the other person was lively and living the time of their lives, the next moment, they're off for something better or not. We, in this world, are just living for the temporary. We are just borrowing something that we must return eventually, be it the world or the body. The purpose of life? To find out what are we, what are we looking for, what goals in life and to fulfill all the possible things, making it worthwhile. Shall we meet with the junctions, decisions are to be made and to continue on with the journeys. We definitely do not break down and stop being strong. Even if the crossroads seems blurry and foggy, stop a while and ponder but do not rest for too long. Time does not wait and before long, we will be at the end of the road. And that will be when we must return everything we've borrowed to the rightful owner but be assured that we have done everything we could and achieved all that we wanted to even though there's still others not achieved for we do not have eternity. This life is for us to enjoy and to prepare ourselves for the next life. Be joyful, fruitful and peaceful.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Fate. Such an easy word and yet it made such a big impact on our lives. It's how we say we don't believe in fate and yet we're subjected to it. It's how we say we determine our own fate and yet we walk down the path being laid before us. How can something so abstract and divine but able to changes our lives completely. A story that was told recently: A and B met each other through a web portal about 2 years ago. They exchanged contacts and have been responding to each other on a fixed interval for the past few years. Busy in their own world, they maintained their communication platonic and concentrated on strengthening on what they have built. After 2 years of communications and understanding, they decided that it was time to meet and face the reality world. Feelings developed and they realized after so many years, maybe they are the one for each other. But, reality struck and circumstances surfaces. B is leaving the country soon, and they have only a certain period to cherish each other. Isn't it ironic how we are being arranged in such a manner? Another story being told recently: C and D has been together for the past 3 to 4 years. They have been staying together. When first started, they have nothing. Together, they saved money. And they bought a car together with the money. Fast forward a few years later, C realized that after saving money together and having a better life, D was fooling around outside. Heartbroken, they broke up. Imagine living together with someone for the past few years only to realize that they are not the one. Such a impact and lesson learnt. It's all in a simple word that everyone understand but doesn't know how to explain: Fate.