Sunday, March 16, 2008

A special dedication to Winnie the Pooh

This is a very special blog to my beloved, Winnie the Pooh.haha. I still remember how we used to get to know each other. She was a transfer student from Jit Sin High School and not long after transferring, she was elected the prefect and she's in charge of patrolling the school compound during the recess hour so that there's no student that are eating in the class. Most of the time she would be in the top floor of the school. The curious me, after getting some information about she being called Seow Mei, proceed ahead one day to tease her by calling her 'Siao Mei Mei'. lolz. And after that, our friendship slowly developed. The fun that we went through, the cycling to tuition classes, the crossing of the not-so busy road, the campfires, the camps, the flowers that were given by your admirers, the dance machine, the coffee that is made before going for school trip, the Langkawi trip in Form 3, the Melaka trip in Form 4, the Genting trip in Form 5. And then you left us when the whole family moved down to KL. That's when we started to go our own way. But the friendship never went it's own way. We still stick like rice balls. Phone calls are just minutes away. And after my Form 6, I went to KL, and we're together again. But the roads to life is different for each of us. Though we're staying close to each other, we're also busy with our own stuff. But we still make it a must to get together as often as possible. We also toured the whole peninsular together for almost a month through our work in the event company. What a great experience and great fun we had. But she left us again when she went to UK to complete her studies and continue to work there. Now that she's back, she will be going off again soon. Fights are almost certain in any friendship and we grow from those fights to understanding each other more. It's great to know someone, who is so close to you and be able to be so pure and vulnerable to each other knowing that there will always be someone who will be there for you to listen and support you. It's even greater to find someone that has most of the same likings as you and yet being so close to share most of the wonderful things. To quote her,'It's God's wish that we are best of friends'. Happy birthday and love you lots.

Happily Never After - Nicole Scherzinger

I guess that when 2 person hang out together too often, one will start to find the faults in the other. One will think that just because of the hanging out together for so long, the other would be ok with whatever is said or done, even if it is insulting or degrading. I would say NO! I'm not that kind of person that would swallow in the insulting remarks that come in droves. To think that when one gave out so much to a friend, and expecting a simple help in return is just naive of me. I realized that the things done do not even come with a simple return or help when in times of need. What a joke to myself. I guess I should make it clear here but since there's not much people reading this, I'm much safer to say whatever I want.

1. I do not like to be ridiculed in the public nor within a group of friends.
2. I do not like to be make fun of in the public.
3. I do not like to be called upon names esp loudly in the public.
4. Please do not ask me lame questions that require lame answers. What a lame thing to do

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Come Together - Carly Smithson

My hp officially failed on me. No hp, no contact, no sms, no nothing. Suffocating... When a few things happened at once and everything crashed down on you, you will like it's so heavy and have emo crash. Tired, emotionally and physically. How foolish of me to think that the phrase 'A friend in need is a friend indeed' when it's not applicable at all.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Imagine - David Archuleta

The happy ending to a perfect love is always a joyful reunion of the couple to express their undying devotion to each other in the days to come.
The picture of big and small peoples.
On the day everything memorable begins.
The distance is not to judge for the witness of this joyful occasion.
A small family of laugher, sadness and everything gold inside.
The present and the future.
A testimony of a beautiful family in progress.
A night of beautiful people.
Angels gather on this night to be mesmerized by the graceful princess.
A simply picture says the blissful gathering.
The prettiest of them princesses.