Sunday, November 08, 2009

I got you - Leona Lewis

Compromise. That's the common thing that we as human lack nowadays. We think that we have learned enough, seen enough, heard enough or experienced enough that we would not back down and listen or just agree with one another. We would think that the experience and knowledge that we have is unsurpassed. Little did we know that there is always something that we do not know of. Or maybe because when we encounter those things, we would treat that we have known, secretly we are in awe as we are learning in silence. I supposed that the Chinese saying 'retreat a step, the sky is the limit' has it's own truth. Compromise a little, and we achieve a common understanding. With understanding comes peace and bliss. Due to that we are ignorant and arrogant, we in turn are creating a trap for us ourselves to step into. And what would happen when we have no where else to turn to except the big hole lying behind us? And do we want to be treated with the saying 'Like frog in the well'?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

暗戀 - 陶喆

After so long of inability of releasing the inner self, the feeling of pent up histories and emotions, all were to be let go. Such a simple act of letting go. What was the reason for the inability to release? unknown, or due to the simple reason of just not wanting to let go. Just to keep on holding to the single thinning thread, assuming that by holding on tightly, everything is going to be better and that all those things would be secretly locked away in the sealed box called 'the heart'. Little did we know that sometimes, what we do so hard to keep away from being revealed would be so obvious to others. It makes us to keep on pondering whether what we are doing is not enough or not perfect enough, whether our portrayal is strong or convincing enough. But that's not the case; It's a matter whether the other party is using their heart and soul to look into you. Whether they care enough to spend the time and effort to see through all the pretense. And when they do, you feel shocked and stripped down to the bare core. But when the truth about all these are being revealed, you understood that it's just a simple act of care and wanting to protect that makes people do that.