Thursday, January 07, 2010

闪亮的日子 - 胡彦斌

2009 was in a way, a good and a bad year. First half of the year made me tougher, stronger mentally, but somehow made me thought that I did not move forward at all albeit in small steps. Perhaps it was due to that being a fast paced and anxious person, wanting to move forward in bigger steps, almost equal to running. Second half of the year, kept me in check, to slow down and be less pressured. Realizing that a normal human being, no matter how hard it's being pushed, can never be a superhuman with superhuman strength and speed to do all the things in the world. Satisfied in a way with all the things done in 2009, but would like to do more of them and also in a better way. To be the more complete me, enriching in all aspects of life. It is in this way that we can move forward, and keep on achieving everyday success.

木兰情 - 孙燕姿

It's 2010. It's a new year, a new year, a new day. Resolutions made, which in the end of the year, half of them not fulfilled. The reason being? No careful consideration of one's capabilities and situations. But resolutions are good to be made to keep us in check. So, what's your resolution this year?