Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just the way you are - Bruno mars

A friend said that even though when we had all,we would still be missing something in our life if we do not love.we would still be the loser if we do not has a special someone to share the success with,a family to come back to in the end of a stressful day. Is this an important aspect of love that one must fulfil? Is this an obligation,a responsibility as a human being,a filial son or daughter, someone who contribute to the society? What if we are able to achieve all, but just lack of love? What if we are capable of balancing all, but just devoid of the special someone? Does that make us a little less complete? We as human, are not mapped out to follow a rigid rule, to do as the essential handbook of becoming human says. We, have our own destiny, our own road to walk on and our own book to write the stories out. We can erase any part of the essential portion that we feel does not suit. We are the writer and historian of our own book. We does not have to conform to the normality. Live out to be ourselves, and not for the wellbeing of the society.