Thursday, May 29, 2008

Energy - Keri Hilson

I'm actually a really really shy and reserved person. If I can, I want to zip up my mouth, talk less and just completely listen to a conversation. But that would make me a non-existent person. Alot of times, I would really rather be left alone and just do my own stuff in complete silence and in my own world. But sometimes I just don't have that privilege. I don't like to talk to strangers unless it's necessary to do so. I don't like to talk to person that I barely knew cause I find it unnecessary to do so. I find it hard to tell my emotions to others. I find it hard to tell others what I think. I don't really care whether others will understand what I'm thinking or what I'm saying cause in the end, I know that they won't. I would really want to live in a reclusive world but it's not possible cause human survives on other humans as well.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seafood Day-Kenko Fish Spa and Yuzu Japanese Dinner

group pics before going in for spa
spa time

Die Erste Träne- Bisou

Time is ticking away. We are slipping away.
We are not going to make it there.
Nor are we going to make it here.
I've got to keep on reminding myself it's not real.