Monday, December 31, 2007

Never Gonna Leave Your Side - Daniel Beddingfield

The rain drops turn into snow,
And the snow, into nothingness,
Leaving the place I stand in,
A piece of dry barren land.

I rose up and try to leave the barren land,
Eager to grasp the snow and rain drops,
A set of chains appear,
Pulling my feet back on ground.

Steadfast on the piece of barren land,
Trying desperately to break free of the chains first,
And stop to ponder next,
Of what is and what not.

The wingless and bland me,
Trying to reach and grasp the piece of heaven that don't fit in.

The Ice Dance( Edward Scissorhands Sountrack) - Danny Elfman

New year, new resolution, and a new you & me. Time for resolutions to be made and accomplished or broken. Time to analyze and correct oneself for a better person in the coming years.

1.** ***** **
2.** **** **** *** ****** *********
3.To get back the old results
4.To get a least 1 truly deserved holiday for myself
5.To save up and prepare for unexpected circumstances
6.To turn in early and rise up early
7.To read more books
8.To finally graduate
9.To secure a job after I graduate
10.To be a better person

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ordinary Day- Nick Lachey

I realize that I sometimes help friends to the extend that I couldn't believe it. It's sometimes helping them to the point of almost humiliating myself in front of strangers or maybe I've already humiliated myself, I don't know. Sometimes, I put other people first before me, often neglecting myself and end up having to swallow my dissatisfaction silently. Things had happened in the past that prompt me to do what I do today. People would say 'Let it go', but it's not that easy to let go as just saying it. I suppose the incident will be a trauma that will leave a mark in my life to teach me a great lesson on humility and trust. It is the helping hands that I have offered all this while that made me know so many wonderful people. But still, this is the act that has made people misunderstand too. My intention was being mistaken as an act of getting to fame. Haha. Well,

If I want to be glamorous, I wouldn't be where I am now.
If I want to be glamorous, I wouldn't be wearing what I'm wearing now.
If I want to be glamorous, I wouldn't be studying what I'm studying now.
If I want to be glamorous, I wouldn't be using the gadgets I'm using now.
If I want to be glamorous, I wouldn't be staying where I am staying now.

Ah well, I would still like to be grateful for the constructive comments given. Without them, I would not be able to reanalyze myself in a different way. I would think this is the correct way all the while. I have learned to be grateful and appreciate everything that comes my way as even behind the harshest thing is a piece of advice intended to change my way. So, thank you.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

另一个自己- 胡彦斌

I have got to stop all these.
Got to stop pretending everything is fine.
Got to stop being like this and hurt myself.
Got to stop from falling in too deep.
Got to stop thinking like the other person really cares.
Got to stop thinking this is real when I'm only imagining things.
Got to stop and get on with my life.
Got to wake up from my dream.
Got to see what's real and important and what's not.
Got to be brave and ask for the truth.
Got to know to answer to the questions.
How do I stop when I'm already entangled in the web?
How do I stop when I let myself fall too deep?
How do I stop when I keep letting myself think of the absurd?
How do I stop when I keep on hoping?
How do I stop when you are like that?
All I ask,
Is there a future?
Is there gonna be US? Or
Is is going to be Me instead?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007