Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Simple Life by Ann Hui

A simple movie, yet touching the base and hearts of many. For this movie to have won numerous awards, it definitely deserve a 5/5 rating from me. Even repeated watch does not deter the tears from dropping like waterfall; just a figurative speech, but you know what I mean.

Gratitude and a show of respect for the elders no matter the relationship, status and hieracy. For the young master to repay the selfless love and sacrifices poured by the servant of the family, is a rare act of kindness that is available in the society nowadays. For the master family to take care of the servant in return after she had suffered a stroke and retired, does it not show that sometimes simple acts of taking care of the wellbeing of elders are being regarded as an redundant responsibilities to be shouldered by young adults in today's world? Childrens when grown up, send their senile parents to the old folks' home to be taken care in the hands of others instead of their own, making this a lucrative business. Traditional family values are being discarded as people progress towards a more individualistic society.

Humility. Viewing from the perspective of the servant, she regarded herself as a person of not much worthiness and is only a servant till Death comes and collect her soul. Her insistince of providing the fees for old folks' home by herself, her treating her own body as a piece of meat on a chopping board, showed that no matter the status and priviledges we might have, we are still a collection of living tissues which lives are in the hands of the God above. For the young master who does not have the obligations to take care of the servant, treats her as a godmother instead and showered her with the love and care she thought she does not and will not be able to enjoy, projected the bonds that can be created across what most would judge by comparing hieracy and social caste.

Our life in this world is just a tiny fragment of the soul's journey. Memories made will be engraved into the souls, creating personal legends that will be remembered. So why treat ourselves almighty and supreme when at the end of this short journey, what we bring along is only abstracts? Selfless love that comes from the heart and does not except anything in return, are those that will be remembered and treasured rather than a complex series of motives and hidden agendas just to obtain the same objectives. We tend to think that actions done with a firm agenda will secure a spot in the heavens above; but instead it is those that is done out of pure willingness, responsibilities and achieving pure bliss in the end are the ones that generates the most merits and karma.

Just because the world today celebrates gender equality, does not mean that it is practised and is part of daily lives. Favoritism is still the norm and will forever be part of our lives. This is only natural as even revolution favors the survivalist nature in all. No matter what is the circumstances is, it all boils down to us doing our parts right and complete the job and responsibilities we have been appointed.

For us that have faced numerous trials and tribulations in life, be rest assured that more will come. But also keep in mind that as we these obstacles, it made us more humane and celebrate life even more for its marvel. And at the end of the journey, when nothing is left but ashes and memories, we have truly lived a simple life no matter how grand we may perceive it as basic is simplicity.


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